Easyfan eyelash fibers C 0.07 13mm

Easy Fan eyelash fibers are a new and very effective product intended for creating volume eyelash extensions. These fibers literally fan themselves! Easy Fan eyelash fibers are the first volume eyelash fibers on the market, whose latest technology enables fanning with very little effort.

0.07 mm is the most commonly used eyelash extension thickness. Volume fans are quite small, containing 2-5 extensions. Create natural-looking lashes with smaller fans and a more impressive look with bigger fans. 

C-curl is the most classic and natural curvature of eyelash extensions. It is well suited for the client with straighter lashes and for a natural look. C-curl is also used to create different styles in the inner corners of the eye, where the natural lashes are smaller and straighter.

11.00 €