Get ready to turn heads with expertly crafted eyelash extensions that accentuate your natural beauty.

Eyelash extensions make your eyelashes look thicker, longer and more curved than your own eyelashes. The eyelash fibers are light and when applied correctly, they do not damage natural eyelashes. The eyelash extension fibers are synthetic in material, are light and also do not cause allergies. The length and thickness of the eyelashes are always customized according to the customer, because the condition of the natural eyelashes and the shape of the eyes are different for all customers.


With classic eyelash extensions, a more natural effect is created and the thickness varies according to the customer's natural eyelash. Classic eyelashes are always attached one fiber at a time to one natural eyelash. Classic eyelashes are just right for you if you want a natural effect but still a dazzling look!


Volume eyelash extensions are for those who love volume. Volume lashes use a thinner fiber than classic lashes. The fibers are made into volume fans, which create volume according to how the customer's natural eyelashes can handle them and, of course, taking into account the customer's wishes.


Hybrid eyelashes are, as they say, a mixture of classic and volume eyelashes. A mixture of both gives exactly the ratio of naturalness and density that the customer wants.

Thicker volume 

With thicker volume, a really impressive effect is created using an even thinner fiber than in normal volumes. The size of the fan is already a bit more plush. Thicker volume lashes are recommended for customers who have strong natural lashes of their own.

Before putting in the extensions 

Before applying eyelash extensions, the eyelashes and the area around the eyes must be clean and make-up free. If you don't have time to clean your eyelashes, we have eyelash cleaners and accessories. The customer cleans his own eyelashes himself.

Good to know 

Please remember that after applying/maintenance of the eyelashes, it is good to remember that the eyelashes must not be wet during the first 24 hours, so that the glue has time to dry properly. 

After eyelash extension/maintenance, you should avoid all of these, e.g. sauna, shower, eye wash, bathing and sweat exercise. All of the above affects the permanence of eyelashes. You should avoid taking saunas, taking hot baths, and exposing your eyelashes to extreme heat for 2 days (48h). This helps with eyelash permanence. 

Maintain eyelash extensions regularly, the average maintenance interval is about 2-4 weeks. However, the maintenance interval is individual. 

Do not use mascara, as it contains oil that dissolves the extension glue. Also, be careful with face creams, cleansers and eye creams. If you must use mascara, use mascara that is intended for use with extensions. 

Do not under any circumstances use an eyelash curler, as it breaks the glue and weakens the permanence of the eyelashes. Also, eyelash perm may not be applied to eyelash extensions. 

Saunas should be kept as minimal as possible, as heat and steam weaken the glue's durability. 

Remember to brush your eyelashes daily, so that your eyelashes stay pretty and separated. For daily washing, use only detergents that are oil-free or cleaners intended for eyelash extensions. Eyelashes must be washed daily! Do not use cotton pads to wipe your eyes, as their fibers can stick to the eyelash attachment point. 

Do not rub your eyelashes.

Eyelash care

Normal maintenance and quick infill 

Normal maintenance is usually done when it has been about 3-4 weeks since the previous one, or if necessary. There must be 2/4 of the fibers left. If there are less than half of the eyelashes left, we will charge according to the new extensions. Quick infill is usually done within two weeks. The hollows are filled and there must be 3/4 of the fibers left. If there are only a few fibers left, we charge according to the prices of new eyelash extensions

Service interval

Why a three-week maintenance interval?

There are 60-120 eyelashes in one

eye 2-5 eyelashes fall out of one eye every day

This means that during three weeks, approximately 60 lashes fall out on average

Domiciliary care 

Home care instructions for eyelash extensions: 

- Wash your eyelashes with the right products, not oil-based (oil dissolves the glue) 

- You don't wear mascara 

- You don't bend your eyelashes 

- Avoid rubbing/rubbing 

- Remember that after applying/maintenance of the eyelashes, the eyelashes must not be wet during the first 24 hours.

Permanence of eyelashes 

There are a lot of factors that affect permanence, such as the following: 

- Eyelash growth or life cycle (60-120 days) 

- Stress 

- Diet 

- Medication 

- Sweat 

- Daily sauna 

- Poor hygiene 

- Use of oily products 

- Hormones 

- Pregnancy and breast feeding 

- squint etc.